Gay Marriage and the Bible

In December 2008, Newsweek published a cover article on how the bible does not outlaw gay marriage and how it cannot be used by conservatives to oppose gay marriage. While Newsweek should be commended for running such a high profile article defending gay marriage and the bible I think it really misses the point on gay marriage.

America likes to hold itself up as a model democracy that separates religion from politics and protects the rights of all regardless of their faith. So why should we listen when Christians, or even Muslims for that matter, hold up their holy book as the reason gay marriage should not be legal. I do not adhere to a purely Christian lifestyle, nor do I follow teachings from the Old or New Testament, so why should the law that I follow have to meet the criteria of a scripture that means little to me?

Regardless of this, if we look at the law now there are many already in existence that defy Christian scriptures. For example, slavery, divorce, equality for women and abortion. There are some conservative Christians who would even do away with these laws if they had the choice. And that is exactly what it is about. CHOICE. Even if someone does not believe in abortion or gay marriage everyone should have the freedom to decide whether or not they will take advantage of the laws made available to them. I myself would not opt for an abortion but that doesn’t mean I would force other women to follow my thinking, especially if the circumstances in which a woman became pregnant was through rape.

If Christians are adamant in keeping gay marriage illegal then they need to come up with something other than the teachings of their faith to defend their argument. If we are able to set aside such teachings, really what it comes down to is that these people are uncomfortable with gay marriage. The very thought of homosexual relations disgusts them. If this is the case, then they have no excuse attacking gay rights. I do not believe in the right to bare arms simply to hunt animals, but that doesn’t mean I would take that right away from someone who does. When it comes down to it we are all people and we are all individuals, with our own beliefs and identities. While it may be difficult, the law should attempt to reflect all our beliefs and needs. Whether we choose to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us comes down to the individual.